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Heating - Ventilation - Electricity

Troubleshooting, Maintenance, make an appointment in 3 clicks

Our services

Entretien chaudière au gaz
dépannage chaudière gaz
vérification nouveau gaz riche

Price :141€ excluding VAT 

Has your heating broken down?

No more hot water?

Contact us without delay

Boiler maintenance : 141€ excluding VAT 

Annual boiler maintenance

You will receive the annual Certificate by email

Make an appointment online or contact us

Price :45€ excluding VAT 

You need to have the compatibility checked

of your gas boiler? 

Make an appointment online or contact us

(Check to be carried out during annual maintenance)


 Don't let your sewage problems

and faucets clutter your mind.

Contact us without delay

An electrical blackout?

A short circuit or an electrical overload?

Contact us without delay

Our partners

Junkers Bosch

Make an appointment online or contact us :

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