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General conditions for the provision of services


These general conditions are applicable to maintenance, repair and/or service contracts and to all orders for the provision of services concluded between the customer and ALFATECH SERVICES, whose head office is located Place Josse Goffin 12A at 1480 Tubize, registered with the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises under number BE 0775.983.172, hereinafter referred to as ALFATECH SERVICES.


In these terms and conditions, the following definitions are used:

• ALFATECH SERVICES: ALFATECH SERVICES SRL, having its registered office at Place Josse Goffin 12A, 1480 Tubize VAT 0775.983.172, whose registered office or name may be modified without this entailing any modification of the conditions of this contract ;

• contract: these general conditions, supplemented by the special conditions, the maintenance agreements as well as the conditions contained on each invoice sent to the customer by ALFATECH SERVICES under this contract;

• repair of the device: the replacement or repair of any defective or worn part resulting from normal use of the device, with the exception of the casing of the device;

• customer: the individual or the professional using the services of ALFATECH SERVICES and, where applicable, having accepted a maintenance agreement or an estimate and/or having placed an order by telephone, e-mail or via the website in accordance with these terms and conditions;

• user: the personal user of the device, other than the customer, who has unlimited and free access to the location of the device (for example the tenant);

• normal use of the appliance: the use of the appliance in accordance with the instructions for use and the special features of the appliance (for example with regard to the power of the appliance in relation to the surface to be heated or the amount of water);

• omnium contract: a contract with the Omnium 12 formula;

• appliance maintenance: maintenance of the appliance, in accordance with applicable regulations, including: (i) cleaning of the combustion chamber, burner and pilot; (ii) cleaning, checking and possibly readjusting the various parts of the device; (iii) checking the security components of the device; and (iv) if necessary, equipment for the replacement of small parts such as screws, nuts, rings and small gaskets. When the applicable regulations prohibit or advise against the maintenance of the device in question, the observation made by ALFATECH SERVICES will be considered as maintenance of the device;

• device: the customer's device(s) as described in the special conditions, which can be found at the place indicated in the special conditions;

• remuneration: the remuneration paid in advance for the services provided under this contract and/or as stipulated in the special conditions;

• website:


These general conditions are applicable to the interventions/services listed below, carried out by ALFATECH SERVICES and for which the customer has given his agreement, in accordance with article 7.

This mainly, but not exhaustively, covers the following services:

-          entretien de chaudière, boiler and accumulator;

-          dépannage/réparation de chauffage , sanitary and electricity;

hereinafter referred to in general terms as "the services".


§1. These general conditions prevail over all other general or specific conditions. They may be modified at any time by ALFATECH SERVICES. The latter undertakes to inform the client thereof as soon as possible.

The new version of the general conditions will only be applicable to contracts concluded after their entry into force.

Derogations from these general conditions remain possible, via special conditions, by the conditions contained on each invoice sent to the customer or by contractual agreements such as an additional maintenance agreement. If necessary, in the event of contradiction between these general conditions and the special conditions/the conditions contained on each invoice sent to the customer/the contractual conditions, the latter prevail.

§2. The customer is bound by these general conditions as soon as he signs the estimate or the annual maintenance agreement as mentioned in article 7. Customers are also bound by these general conditions as soon as they make contact by telephone, by e-mail or via the website. By affixing his signature as mentioned above, the customer declares to have read and understood them.

In the event of validation of the estimate or the annual maintenance agreement electronically, the customer is bound by these general conditions as soon as the agreement is transmitted to ALFATECH SERVICES electronically or confirmed by ALFATECH SERVICES in writing, in any form whatsoever. .


Any provision of ALFATECH SERVICES, whatever it may be, is qualified as an obligation of result, unless otherwise expressly agreed between ALFATECH SERVICES and the customer. ALFATECH SERVICES undertakes to make every effort to provide the services requested by the customer. ALFATECH SERVICES is however not required to implement means of a disproportionate nature with regard to the objective to be achieved. If necessary, the obligation of result can be transformed into an obligation of means.


In the event that the estimate, the annual maintenance agreement or any other communication between the parties is the subject of an electronic exchange (including by way of e-mail) and/or an exchange by telephone between the customer and ALFATECH SERVICES and that, consequently, the sale is concluded outside the place of business or the domicile of the customer, the customer expressly accepts that the electronic and/or telephone exchanges constitute the contractual relationship and can serve as proof for the existence of it.


§1. The contractual relationship between the customer and ALFATECH SERVICES may be based on:

-          un devis payant remis au customer by ALFATECH SERVICES;

-          et/ou une convention annual maintenance concluded between the customer and ALFATECH SERVICES;

-          et/ou une demande intervention by telephone, e-mail or via the website.

§2. The estimate provided by ALFATECH SERVICES is valid for 10 calendar days from its date of issue.

§3. The quote is drawn up meticulously by ALFATECH SERVICES on the basis of:

-          d'une demande formulée by the customer ;

-          et/ou de la transmission by the client of the information necessary to draw up the estimate;

-          et/ou de la prior visit by ALFATECH SERVICES   of the place where the services will take place if necessary;

-          et/ou de la meeting between the parties.

§4. During an ALFATECH SERVICES service at the customer's request:

-          des lésions antérieures ainsi que hidden defects may be noted by ALFATECH SERVICES   at the time of the services;

-          des complications imprévisibles peuvent survenir . 

The additional cost related to the above will be the subject of information to the customer by ALFATECH SERVICES in the form of an estimate to be signed by the customer. In this case, the customer remains free to accept or refuse additional repairs and/or additional costs related to the existence of previous injuries, unforeseeable and/or unidentifiable complications prior to the completion of the first estimate.

In the event of the customer's refusal to bear the additional costs, ALFATECH SERVICES may:

-          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_if it is a service based on an estimate, put an end to the performance of the services and invoice the client for the part of the services already performed prior to becoming aware of the aforementioned injuries or complications. An invoice will be issued and due in accordance with article 10 of these general conditions.

-          s'il s' is a discovery within the framework of the maintenance agreement, ALFATECH SERVICES will not perform any additional service.

The customer will be informed by ALFATECH SERVICES of the risks and dangers incurred in the event of refusal of additional services.

§5. The customer's agreement, as to the content of the quote, is given by using the "accept and sign" button which will be offered when the quote is received electronically. The estimate may also be returned to ALFATECH SERVICES signed and dated in writing, provided that the customer's agreement is mentioned therein in a visible, identifiable and unequivocal manner.

§6. Discounts or rebates may be granted to the customer. These are determined individually by ALFATECH SERVICES on the basis of the type of services and the importance thereof, as well as the existing or pre-existing relationship between ALFATECH SERVICES and the customer.

Under no circumstances does the customer acquire a right to a discount or rebate, even if ALFATECH SERVICES has previously granted it.


§1. ALFATECH SERVICES performs the services agreed with the customer only on working days (being every day except Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays) and during office hours (as published on the website).

ALFATECH SERVICES may intervene at the customer's request outside the usual days and times determined above subject to the application of increased rates. The rates applicable in the event of an increase will be communicated to the customer upon request made by e-mail or telephone.

§2. In the event of an order for additional services not included in the estimate or in the maintenance agreement, the applicable general conditions are identical to those provided for the services initially requested and for which the customer has given his agreement. Any request not provided for in the initial estimate will be the subject of an additional estimate subject to the customer's express agreement in accordance with article 7 §5 above.

§3. Any request for modification made by the customer, after submission of the estimate or conclusion of the agreement, must obtain the express agreement of ALFATECH SERVICES. After agreement of ALFATECH SERVICES, the modification formulated by the customer will give rise to a modification of the estimate or the agreement and, if necessary, of the cost of the services.


§1. In the event of cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, of all or part of the services by the customer after signature of the estimate for agreement and before the ordering of the equipment useful for the performance of the services by ALFATECH SERVICES, no compensation will be requested by ALFATECH SERVICES, the latter will not perform the services initially requested.

§2. In the event of cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, of all or part of the services by the customer after signature of the estimate for agreement and after the ordering of the equipment useful for the services by ALFATECH SERVICES, the customer is required to compensate ALFATECH SERVICES up to the costs already incurred by it, on the date of cancellation by the customer, with a view to providing the services. ALFATECH SERVICES sends an invoice to the customer for an amount corresponding to the amount of the costs less any amounts already paid.

§3. In the event of cancellation by ALFATECH SERVICES for a reason attributable to it, ALFATECH SERVICES may offer the customer, at the latter's explicit request, a quality colleague capable of replacing him. ALFATECH SERVICES also reimburses amounts already paid in advance.

§4. ALFATECH SERVICES reserves, however, the right to cancel an appointment, by e-mail and/or telephone before said appointment, without any damage or compensation being claimed by the customer and without any reason cancellation is necessarily given. The customer can resume an appointment via the website.


§1. The customer is required to make payment for the services:

-          soit au comptant au moment the conclusion of the maintenance contract;

-          soit moyennant un paiement immédiat after the performance of the services;

-          soit ultérieurement, par paiement an invoice issued by ALFATECH SERVICES in accordance with the conditions appearing on this invoice.

§2. The receipt for cash and immediate payments is sent by text message and/or by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer.

§3. The invoice is sent by post or by e-mail by ALFATECH SERVICES to the customer. In case of sending by e-mail, this sending is made to the e-mail address communicated by the customer when signing the quote, when ordering by e-mail or when making an appointment on the website. Under no circumstances is ALFATECH SERVICES liable if the address or e-mail address provided by the customer is incorrect.

In addition, in the event of a change in the address or the contact e-mail address, the customer is required to immediately inform ALFATECH SERVICES. No additional payment period will be granted to the customer who has omitted to send the modification of the postal address or the e-mail address for sending the invoice(s).

§4. The invoice relating to the services is considered to have been received two days after it was sent by post (date of the post serving as proof) or the day after it was sent by e-mail. Invoices are payable within 10 days of their date of receipt by the customer.

§5. Payments can be made by the customer by:

-          virement bancaire sur le compte of ALFATECH SERVICES mentioned on the estimate and the invoice;

-          par carte de débit, Bancontact or Maestro type;

-          par carte de crédit, such as Visa or Mastercard;

-          ou en liquide.

In the latter case, the rules relating to the rounding of cash payments are applicable and a receipt, in the form of a notification on the intervention report, is established by ALFATECH SERVICES upon receipt of the cash payment. The intervention report is also sent by e-mail to the customer.

§6. In any case, any amount unpaid within 8 days after its due date, even partially, will automatically bear interest at 12% per annum. In the event of non-payment of the amount within thirty days of its due date, the amount due will be increased by 20% with a minimum of €100, as a contractual, fixed and irreducible penalty clause, without a formal notice sent by registered mail is necessary.


§1. The contract will only be considered concluded, the order of the necessary equipment made, and the schedule for the performance of the services established, after receipt, by ALFATECH SERVICES, of the aforementioned payment and the estimate or the maintenance agreement signed by the customer. . In the event of a delay in payment, ALFATECH SERVICES will no longer be able to guarantee the execution time, possibly communicated to the customer during the transmission of the estimate.

§2. In any case, ALFATECH SERVICES mentions, at the customer's request, a time limit for the completion of the desired services. This period is only mentioned as an indication and may be extended for reasons beyond the control of ALFATECH SERVICES (including illness, accident, force majeure event, technical or computer problems).

If applicable, ALFATECH SERVICES is in no way liable to the customer for any payment to compensate for the delay.

§3. Any delay attributable to the customer will lead to an extension of the completion deadlines, or a cancellation of the services. In this case, ALFATECH SERVICES sends an invoice, by e-mail, to the customer for an amount corresponding to the amount of the costs minus the amounts already paid.


ALFATECH SERVICES guarantees the elements supplied for the purposes of the services under the terms and limits of the guarantee granted by the suppliers or, where applicable, the legal guarantee if the latter is applicable.

When the intervention consists of a repair, no guarantee is applicable on the repair.


§1. At the end of the services, a verification of the proper functioning of the installation is carried out with the customer.

§2. If necessary, ALFATECH SERVICES delivers to the customer in person or by e-mail the various documents related to the services.


§1. The client ensures that the place where the services are to be performed is free and easy to access prior to the start of the services. If the place is closed, and no third party is expressly sent to open the place, ALFATECH SERVICES must first be in possession of the key or access code. ALFATECH SERVICES is in no way responsible in the event of delay in the performance of the services for reasons of accessibility to their place of performance.

§2. The customer ensures the good collaboration of himself, his employees or his collaborators with ALFATECH SERVICES, in order to allow ALFATECH SERVICES to intervene and carry out the agreed services under the best possible conditions.

§3. The customer undertakes during the term of the contract not to move, repair or replace the device, or not to ensure its maintenance by anyone other than ALFATECH SERVICES, except with the agreement of ALFATECH SERVICES. In addition, the customer undertakes not to abusively refuse the replacement by ALFATECH SERVICES of the defective parts of the device.

§4. The customer is responsible for the good condition of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the appliance (for example, cleaning of the chimney, evacuation of burnt gases, protection of pipes of all kinds), as well as the displacement and replacement of removable objects hindering the access to the device. The customer undertakes to guarantee ALFATECH SERVICES and its agents free and unhindered access to the device, and is responsible for the security and the circumstances in which the services must be provided by ALFATECH SERVICES and its agents.

§5. If the customer finds damage for which he considers that ALFATECH SERVICES is responsible, the customer undertakes to limit it as much as possible, and in any case to inform ALFATECH SERVICES within five working days of noticing the damage.

§6. The client guarantees that the user will also comply with the above obligations.

§7. The customer guarantees that the device, the installation and the use of the device comply with the legal provisions and/or with the standards and regulations of installations in force and instructions for use. When ALFATECH SERVICES or its agents note that the device has not been installed in accordance with the legal provisions and/or the installation standards and regulations in force and/or instructions for use, ALFATECH SERVICES has the right to suspend the provision of its services with immediate effect from this finding. ALFATECH SERVICES has the right to ask the customer for a certificate of conformity for the device before continuing to provide the services in accordance with the contract. The customer acknowledges being aware of the fact that it is prohibited or inadvisable for ALFATECH SERVICES and/or its employees to maintain or repair the device in the event that the device does not comply with the legislation, standards installation and/or applicable regulations. In this case, ALFATECH SERVICES can in no way be held responsible for the non-maintenance or non-repair of the device. In addition, all services are provided on existing installations and ALFATECH SERVICES is in no way responsible for the incorrect installation of these.

§8. The buildings where the services will be performed and their contents will be insured by the Principal against the risk of fire, theft or vandalism up to the amount of sufficient capital. The client releases us from all liability in this respect.


§1. The services are carried out by ALFATECH SERVICES on the basis of the data and information transmitted and formulated by the customer. When information is expressly requested by ALFATECH SERVICES from the customer in order to provide the services, ALFATECH SERVICES can only perform its services on the basis of the information transmitted to it. They must therefore be transmitted within the requested deadlines. If the information is not transmitted within the required time, ALFATECH SERVICES will no longer be able to guarantee the schedule proposed for the performance of the services.

§2. ALFATECH SERVICES undertakes to guide the customer in his choices in accordance with his needs. ALFATECH SERVICES informs and provides the customer with the appropriate documentation as well as all the information necessary for a good understanding of the service as well as the equipment offered.

§3. ALFATECH SERVICES informs the customer about the dangers, constraints, risks and/or limits of the equipment it offers. Given the information previously given to the customer, ALFATECH SERVICES cannot be held liable solely on the basis of the presence of a danger, constraint or risk.

§4. Any element noted by ALFATECH SERVICES during its visit to the places concerned by the services, but not communicated by the customer, is likely to lead to a modification of the estimate. In this context, the customer is free to accept or refuse the modification. If necessary, in the event of refusal, ALFATECH SERVICES may limit itself to the performance of the services in accordance with the initial estimate and this, insofar as this is possible.

§5. Prior to the services, ALFATECH SERVICES may take a series of photos in order to certify the state of the place before the performance of the services, in order to avoid any dispute in the matter.

If necessary, these photos are attached to the intervention report and sent to the customer by e-mail. The client is therefore fully aware of the state of the place before the performance of the services. These photos may be used in the event of a dispute of any type whatsoever by the customer and/or by ALFATECH SERVICES.

They may also be used as protection in the event of damage possibly caused to the building by third parties to the contract.

§6. After the services, ALFATECH SERVICES may take a series of photos in order to certify the completion of the services and their condition. These photos will only be used in the event of a dispute by the customer concerning the performance of the services. They will be kept for at least 6 months after the end of the complaint period provided for in article 21.


§1. ALFATECH SERVICES performs the services in accordance with the rules of the art, according to the practices of the profession and in accordance with the standards applicable to the services concerned. Given the foregoing, its liability is strictly limited to the situations provided for in the following §§.

§2. The materials used by ALFATECH SERVICES comply with Belgian and European legislation applicable in the matter, and are subject to a guarantee specific to the supplier.

§3. Upon delivery of the elements necessary for the services to the place of performance thereof, the customer is responsible for their deterioration and their theft. The customer is invited to take out insurance in this regard. Failing this, the customer will have to bear the costs alone (including replacement of the elements).

§4. ALFATECH SERVICES takes all measures to respect the planned completion deadlines. With the exception of serious misconduct on the part of ALFATECH SERVICES, the latter is in no way responsible for a delay, an error, or any other element attributable to a third party, in particular the customer or to a supplier (for example in the event of a supplier stock shortage, in the event of a manufacturing defect in the equipment used, etc.). No compensation of any kind whatsoever may be claimed from it, in this context, by the customer.

§5. When ALFATECH SERVICES intervenes on the equipment used, no responsibility can be imputed to it in the event of breakage or breakage related to normal and standard wear and tear of the equipment concerned.

§6. In the event of the customer's refusal of additional services due to the discovery of hidden defects and/or injuries prior to the services, ALFATECH SERVICES is in no way responsible for the consequences which could result from this refusal, ALFATECH SERVICES having previously informed the customer of the risks and the dangers of refusing further reparations.


§1. ALFATECH SERVICES is only responsible for compliance with its legal and contractual obligations. ALFATECH SERVICES is only liable for damages resulting from the services insofar as these damages are linked to its intervention or to the services provided by it. ALFATECH SERVICES is not, in any case, responsible for any damage borne by the customer and in particular, but without being exhaustive, it is not responsible for indirect damage, damage caused to third parties, non-expected results, or expected results but not achieved. ALFATECH SERVICES is in no way liable for damages resulting from the intervention of a third party in the services or from misuse by the customer or by a third party.

§2. In the event of questioning, by the customer or by a third party, of the responsibility of ALFATECH SERVICES, this is, in all cases, limited to the amount of the services concerned by the dispute or the questioning and paid by the customer or limited to an amount of 1,000,000 per claim. Under no circumstances can the amount of the damage take into account an expected and unrealized profit or a loss potentially avoided on the part of the customer.

§3. In no case ALFATECH SERVICES is responsible for a cancellation or postponement of the intervention for reasons beyond its control or in the event of force majeure, such as situations of total or partial strike of third parties to the relationship , weather conditions, natural disaster, (risk of) attacks. In the event of the occurrence of an event of this type, the customer and ALFATECH SERVICES undertake to agree on a postponement of the intervention insofar as this postponement is possible.

§4. ALFATECH SERVICES reserves the right to refuse the services on behalf of the customer or to terminate them, if necessary, for personal reasons or reasons related to the customer (eg lack of involvement, lack of consistency, recurring indecision, lack of payment of previous invoice, non-compliance with the equipment, non-compliance with the general safety rules and/or provided for by these general conditions, or any other reason of any kind whatsoever).


§1. Personal and/or confidential data relating both to the customer and to ALFATECH SERVICES as well as to third parties involved in the context of the contractual relationship, collected in any way whatsoever and, essentially by exchanges of e-mails, mentions on the estimate, oral exchanges, as well as any future information, are only intended for the execution of the contract and for communications between the parties. They will not be the subject of any communication or transfer to third parties, other than technical service providers if necessary.

Both ALFATECH SERVICES and the customer are required to respect the confidentiality of the information and to use it only insofar as it is necessary for the performance of the services.

§2. In the event of non-compliance with this principle of confidentiality, both ALFATECH SERVICES and the customer may demand compensation in the amount of €5,000, from the party in question, for the damage suffered.


§1. Any personal data concerning the customer, as defined by the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the law of 30 July 2018 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to personal data, is processed in compliance with them. The data is kept only for actions specific to ALFATECH SERVICES and is not, under any circumstances, transmitted to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing or for any other purpose.

§2. The data kept by ALFATECH SERVICES is as follows: surname, first name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, dates and place of services, type of services provided, VAT number, bank account.

The customer has the possibility

-          de s'opposer, upon simple request and free of charge, to the processing of his personal data;

-          d'accéder, gratuitement , to the data concerning him kept by ALFATECH SERVICES and to obtain rectification of any data which may be incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant.

-          de s'opposer, for serious and legitimate reasons, that the stored data is subject to processing;

-          de demander la suppression des data concerning him to ALFATECH SERVICES provided that their retention is not imposed on ALFATECH SERVICES by legal obligations;

-          de demander la portabilité de his data held by ALFATECH SERVICES to a third party;

-          de retirer, à tout moment, his consent to the processing of data based solely on consent.

Any request concerning the above must be addressed in writing to ALFATECH SERVICES, either by post or by e-mail to

For the rest, the complete privacy policy is available upon simple written request to ALFATECH SERVICES at the aforementioned e-mail address.

§3. ALFATECH SERVICES may disclose personal information to third parties at the request of any authority legally authorized to do so. ALFATECH SERVICES may also disclose them if such transmission is required, in good faith, to comply with laws and regulations, to protect or defend its rights or property or if it considers that the customer is a danger, for itself or for a third.


§1. ALFATECH SERVICES may, at any time, use the services provided to a customer for reference purposes and this, anonymously.

§2. ALFATECH SERVICES undertakes to obtain the customer's consent for references with explicit mention of the customer's data and this, in accordance with article 19 of these general conditions, such as for example:

-          mentionner son nom et son logo for promotional or commercial purposes,

-          diffuser sur son site Internet , on social networks, as well as on any other physical or virtual document, the commercial relationship existing with the customer for purposes, in particular, of prospecting, presentation or reference.


§1. Any complaint of the customer must be made immediately verbally, confirmed in writing (registered mail to the Post Office) at the latest within 3 days, postmark being proof, of the term of performance of the services.

ALFATECH SERVICES undertakes to make every effort to find an amicable solution that suits all parties.

§2. Provided that a claim is made by the customer within the time limits provided for in §1 above, the amount thereof will be limited to the amount of the services or intervention covered by the claim, less the actual costs borne by ALFATECH. SERVICES.


In the case of a distance contract within the meaning of the law relating to consumer protection integrated into the Code of Economic Law, the consumer has the right to inform ALFATECH SERVICES of his withdrawal from the contract, without penalty and without indication reason, within 14 days from the day following the day of the conclusion of the contract. This notification to ALFATECH SERVICES must be made in writing. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contract will only enter into force from the moment of receipt of the remuneration. When the remuneration has already been paid at the time of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, ALFATECH SERVICES shall return the remuneration which has been paid within thirty days of the withdrawal. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if, at the request of the customer or user, the services provided for in the contract have already been provided before the end of the aforementioned withdrawal period.


ALFATECH SERVICES has the right to transfer its rights and obligations resulting from this contract to a third party, without the customer's prior consent. In this case, ALFATECH SERVICES will inform the customer in writing of this assignment. Unless ALFATECH SERVICES agrees in writing, the customer cannot transfer the rights and obligations arising from this contract to a third party.


In the event of a dispute, mediation between ALFATECH SERVICES and the customer is preferred. To this end, the parties undertake to participate in at least one mediation meeting organized by a mediator approved by the Federal Mediation Commission. If, however, after this meeting, no agreement seems possible, the competent courts are those of the judicial district of the registered office of ALFATECH SERVICES.


The possible nullity of a provision of these general conditions does not influence the nullity of the whole. If a clause is rendered void, the parties undertake to conclude a clause having a similar effect and insert it into these general conditions.


All provisions not specified in these general conditions are governed by Belgian law in force at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

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